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  Gastric Bypass Surgery Ė What Happens Afterwards?
by: Beverley Brooke

After patients have had gastric bypass surgery comes a very challenging and demanding few months ahead. It isnít easy, no matter what those success stories on the adverts tell us. It requires a great deal of mental and emotional toughness. Unfortunately these assets arenít always seen in the morbidly obese, and must be developed to ensure a healthy life and weight loss after the surgery.

Sticking to your dietary guidelines is extremely important to reduce the risk of developing dumping syndrome, which can cause sweating, diarrhoea, bloating and dizziness. Always listen to what your surgeon, physician and nutritionist is telling you. Itís your life and long-term health weíre talking about.

Right after the procedure you will be required to stay in hospital for 4 to 6 days, and generally you can get back to your normal activities within 6 weeks. You should lose generally between 8-10lbs per month in the first 2 months after gastric bypass surgery and achieve a stable weight after 2 years.

The first year is critical and will require you to see your physician regularly were you will be evaluated Ė this includes your mental health too.

Exercising and eating properly are crucial to your health afterwards and thereís still a long way to go after surgery, it certainly isnít a quick fix for obesity and carries real risks. Remember what your doctor has told you, stay strong, focused and youíll do just fine.

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Article by Beverley Brooke, visit the section on the gastric bypass at her website for more information on the surgery, the risks and other information relating to the gastric bypass.


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