San Diego Plastic Surgery Questions to Ask!

Cosmetic questions for you and your doctor

San Antonio Express-NewsQuestions to ask yourself before having surgical or minimally invasive cosmetic procedures:
• What procedure(s) are you interested in having done, and how long have you wanted to do this?
• Why and why now? To look refreshed and more youthful, improve or change problem areas or be more confident in your appearance?
• Are you doing this for yourself or to please someone or change someone?
• Do you expect the cosmetic procedure(s) to change your life or make you happier?
• Are you doing this to look like a favorite celebrity?
• Do you have realistic goals and expectations about results and what the procedure(s) can and can’t do?
• Do you understand there are medical risks, pain and limitations involved in the procedure(s)?
• Have you considered there may be downtime and limits on physical activity after the procedure?
• Have you carefully weighed the costs? (Cosmetic procedures are not covered by health insurance.)

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